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Lucky charm Sciò di Macrì: it's not true, but I believe it!

The Sciò di Macrì lucky charms find their deepest essence in what is a real mantra for the Neapolitan people: “It's not true, but I believe it!”. Thanks to Macrì, the phrase of defilippiana memory is transformed into lucky objects to attract good luck and ward off bad luck. In doing so, the Made in Naples brand was inspired by local tradition and craftsmanship: with Macrì, each piece is unique. You can choose to furnish your home with Macrì superstitious home decor objects, colored wall or table horns, all to collect. And what about Macrì's lucky key rings, designed to be always carried with you. Finally, closing with a flourish, we cannot fail to mention the collection of lucky charms and home decor inspired by Naples starring Pulcinella. Splendid Neapolitan statues in porcelain or terracotta completely modeled by hand. With a Macrì furnishing accessory at home, luck will never leave you again!