Macrì segni creativi
a story made of tradition

Defining Macrì Segni Creativi is like staging a variety of personal and ancestral moments, a sort of hybrid where antiques, publishing, art and craftsmanship blend together with our stories to give life to exclusive and unique products.

Macrì is the acronym of Matteo and Cristina, sons of the founder Stefano Cinque, who in the same way bears his distinctive sign in the words Creative Signs.

But in the course of our over ten-year history, Macrì has also been a hybrid of itself, transforming itself, from time to time, into a different artistic and commercial dimension. Yes, artistic, because we are and we love to define ourselves first of all as artists and then as sellers.

And then, you know, whoever sells art is so imbued with it that he too becomes an artist, in his own way. What we want is to tell with our products stories made of tradition, narrative fragments that speak of times and places that are not necessarily always defined, but certainly unforgettable.


Each collection is the result of a carefully studied project, the result of the deep passion with which we reinterpret experiences, feelings and values that bind us firmly to our traditions.


Creativity generates ideas and fantasies, which are then shaped by hand. Tradition thus becomes innovation. However, redefining the concept and enhancing its contemporaneity, in a peculiar and versatile style.


Craftsmanship, for us, is synonymous with quality. This is guaranteed by the use of timely manufacturing processes and the use of cutting-edge materials. Each product is made with high-end raw materials and great attention to detail.


Lively, strong, brilliant: the Macrì world is made up of colors. Brushstrokes on canvas, on ceramic, artistic touches that make each accessory or sculpture unique.

laboratorio artigianale d'arte napoli macri segni creativi

Macrì Lab: where the magic is born

Clay, ceramics, painting, leather: it is in our laboratory that Macrì projects come to life, where artists, artisans and decorators intertwine their knowledge. This is where the magic of Macrì Segni Creativi products is born.

The faces of Macrì

Ten years, the same team. Professional relationships linked by a deep friendship and a total understanding guided by art, by beauty, by the desire to create products that tell a story: narrative fragments signed by Macrì.

Stefano Cinque – Founder and creative
Fanny Sollo - Founder and Sales Manager
Antonio Esposito – Master shepherd and decorator
Francesco De Benedictiis - Sales Manager

Our stores
You will find us in the crucial corners of the city of Naples, dispensers of art, beauty and Made in Italy.

Macrì Segni Creativi 

Via Santa Brigida 61 , 80132 Napoli, Italy.

Via San Biagio dei Librai 

Via San Biagio dei Librai 21, 80136 Napoli, Italy.

Hotel Royal Continental

Via Partenope 38, 80121 Napoli, Italy.

Stazione Marittima

Prossima Apertura