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Superstitious Objects "Sciò Line"

Being superstitious is ignorant, not being superstitious is bad for you!

Handcrafted Leather Bags

The handcrafted leather bags of the Capricci line were created with the intention of filling the streets with works of art in motion, through canvases printed on fashion accessories. Imagination, quality and attention to detail represent the strengths of the entire Macrì production. Each item is made in our laboratories, with care and with the use of the highest quality materials, in full respect of the Made in Italy artisan tradition.

Lucky Charms and Superstitious Objects

Macrì lucky charms are unique and refined furnishing items, packaged in elegant handcrafted cases. They are made in our workshops, modeled and painted by hand, and interpret customs and legends of our territory, between superstition and devotion. Each artifact is an idea, it contains within itself the thought of those who create it, to make each gift unique, which is why our lucky charms are perfect as an original (and valuable) gift idea for the home.

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